Personal Workshops

The Relationship Center provides workshops, keynote speeches and coaching in all areas of self-development, parenting and relationship building.

Introduction to Choice Theory Psychology: Why Do People Do What They Do?

This workshop helps participants develop an understanding of why people do the things they do. Understanding the only person’s behavior one can control is his/her own, makes what to do next easy. Learn how to better understand others, how to better understand yourself, and how to lead a stress-free life.

Secrets of Happy Couples

Discuss the destructive relationship habits we all use, and learn to replace them with the healthy partnership habits. Explore the three options we all have in relationships–change it, accept it, or leave it. Practice effective, practical conflict resolution strategies. This class is taught by Kim Olver, author of Secrets of Happy Couples

Empowerment Parenting

This workshop help parents to understand the psychology behind what is happening with their children at various stages. Parents will learn how to align themselves with their child’s resistance for increased cooperation and compliance. Parents will learn how to sacrifice what they want now—strict compliance, for what they REALLY want—a responsible, caring, child who is capable of making rational decisions. Empowerment Parenting teaches parents simple skills and strategies for helping their children successfully make it through the challenging phases of their lives.

Women and Divorce: Financial, Legal & Emotional Considerations

Are you a woman considering divorce? Are you going through a divorce? Are you supporting a woman close to you who is going through a divorce? The Woman’s Team is comprised of Sharon Case, our financial consultant, Cathe Evans Williams, our attorney, and Kim Olver, counselor and life coach. Together they help women make smart financial, legal, and emotional decisions when it comes to their relationships. We take the guesswork out of divorce by providing information regarding pertinent considerations. We won’t make your decisions for you but we will give you all the information you need to make the smartest decisions for yourself. Download flyer.

Goal Setting & Attainment-Getting What You Want in 2016

Learn how to attain goals with an effective time-tested system. Since attaining goals requires hard work and determination, this system provides built-in support and accountability. Learn how to identify goals, create a time management plan, and maintain balance in life while maintaining a positive attitude and staying motivated.

Eliminate Overwhelm From Your Life

Stress is not just something that happens to you. It’s something you create. You will learn how to not create stress for yourself in this interactive workshop and move in the direction you want to go, instead of being at the mercy of wherever life takes you.

Grief & Loss

This workshop help those people who have experienced loss in their life whether through death, disaster, or personal decision move beyond the loss to a place of strength. If you or someone you know is having difficulty moving forward after a loss or letting go of the bitterness, anger, and overwhelming sadness then this workshop is for you.

Anger Management

Has your anger gotten you in trouble? Do you need help managing anger? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you. You will learn how anger can work to get some of the things you want, but there are usually serious consequences. You will learn the benefits of anger, how to recognize your signs and triggers, and how to create alternatives so you can avoid the negative consequences that anger can cause.

Effective Communication: Getting More of What I Want

Whether in your personal or professional life, whether you mean more of what you want personally or what you want from your clients, this presentation will show you how to get it. Learn effective methods of clarifying what you want, discriminating the behavior you’re using to get it and self-evaluations methods to determine your effectiveness. Leave with a solid understanding of how to get more of what you really want.

Anger Management: Take the Wind Out of Their Sails

Coming into contact with angry people is more common than you’d like to admit. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits people derive from using anger in personal exchanges. You will learn how to self-asses and prepare yourself to intervene in escalated situations. Practice the deescalation skills and keeping yourself safe in the process.

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