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The Relationship Center provides training, consulting and coaching in all areas relating to business development. We have ongoing workshops, as well as, workshops that can be scheduled at your convenience.

Breakthrough Strategies for Success for Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and Supervisors

Learn why people do what they do and how to intervene for optimal success. Choice Theory provides an explanation of human behavior and an intervention strategy to help in situations involving human interactions. You will learn how to manage difficult classroom discipline problems, work with non-voluntary clients/learners, coach your clients to success, and manage employees for optimum performance and loyalty. This is the first step in Choice Theory certification, and counselors, teachers, and social workers will earn 27 CEUs.

Introduction to Choice Theory Psychology: Why Do People Do What They Do?

This workshop helps participants develop an understanding of why people do the things they do. Understanding the only person’s behavior one can control is his/her own, makes what to do next easy. Learn how to better understand others, how to better understand yourself, and how to lead a stress-free life.

 Empowered Leadership: Get the Most Out of Your Workforce

As a manager, you have the responsibility to create a need satisfying workplace for yourself and your workers. Managers need to hold the bar high—set the standards and lead by example. During this workshop, you will learn how to get the best from your workers, empower your workers, earn their respect and loyalty and open the lines of communication. Learning how to share the power between management and workers will empower both groups and ultimately lead to less employee turnover, improved employee satisfaction and an increase in productivity.

Diversity from the Inside Out

This workshop is devoted to a scrutinizing introspective, inside out approach to looking at our own issues that may either enhance or hinder our ability to embrace members of cultures different from our own.

• Participants will learn that cultural is more than race and ethnicity—it is a total way of life.

• Participants will begin to discuss some aspects of their own culture.

• Participants will describe primary & secondary dimensions of diversity and visible and invisible characteristics of diversity

• Participants will experience what it is to be included and excluded from the main group.

• Participants will discuss their own cultural values and how they may impact the work they do with clients.

• Through an experiential activity, participants will experience culture shock first-hand.

• Participants will view a video that depicts how easy it is to teach hate, discrimination and oppression.

• Participants will develop an action plan to move them in the direction of developing their cultural awareness.

Diversity Workshops
(Series of Three 6 hour Workshops)

Day 1: Cultural Awareness

This first day is devoted to a scrutinizing introspective, inside out approach to looking at our own issues that may either enhance or hinder our ability to embrace members of cultures different from our own.

Day 2: Cultural Information
This second day is devoted to looking at what research tells about particular groups of people, while understanding that these results are actually just a perpetuation of stereotypes themselves.

Day 3: Cultural Skills
This final day is devoted to the development of cross-cultural communication and counseling skills to assist helpers in their cross culture communications.

Diversity Discount: If you schedule all three days, either consecutively or spread out over a period of time, you will receive a discount. Call 708-957-6047 for pricing and details.

Training of Trainers Workshop (2 days)

Train your staff to develop their own highly interactive, engaging training. These two days are structured as a workshop so after the two days, your staff will leave with the beginning of an outline for their own training topic. I Don’t Undertand Why You Do What You Do!

This workshop will help you develop an understanding of why people do the crazy things they do. Whether it’s men, women, certain ethnicities, particular religions, different generations, or various other types of people, you will leave with the knowledge that different isn’t wrong, it’s just different. We will look at similarities and differences. We will discuss the one overlooked factor that often gets in the way of diversity appreciation. Discover what it’s like being on the outside.

Decrease Client Resistance

Research has shown the relationship a helper has with their clients is of utmost importance in facilitating behavior change. This presentation will how you the skills that you can use to create positive relationships while still representing the field of corrections to decrease client resistance and promote behavior change. Relationship is the root of all influence.

Conflict Resolution: I Can’t Stand Working With You

We all have them at one time or another–someone you just can’t stand to work with. Whether it’s a supervisor, co-workier, or client you have probably encountered someone who just drove you crazy! In this workshop, discover the psychology behing it and develop strategies for effectively managing those situations.

Effective Communication: Getting More of What I Want

Whether in your personal or professional life, whether you mean more of what you want personally or what you want from your clients, this presentation will show you how to get it. Learn effective methods of clarifying what you want, discriminating the behavior you’re using to get it and self-evaluations methods to determine your effectiveness. Leave with a solid understanding of how to get more of what you really want.

De-Escalation Skills: Take the Wind Out of Their Sails

Coming into contact with angry people is more common than you’d like to admit. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits people derive from using anger in personal exchanges. You will learn how to self-asses and prepare yourself to intervene in escalated situations. Practice the deescalation skills and keeping yourself safe in the process.

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