Improve the Relationships with the Important People in Your Life

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Relationships from the InsideOut

When it comes to relationships, we all have them and believe that we should simply, somehow, just KNOW how to manage them, but where did we learn from? Who taught us? What classes did we take? Where is the degree on our wall in relationships? There is none!!! No training, no classes, no diplomas—only trial and error. How is it working for you so far?

I know people who have gone from one relationship to another, rehearsing their script, perfecting their script, and having the same disastrous results with their relationships. Why don’t more people seek help to learn a new script when theirs is so obviously not working?

Most people in failed relationships neglect to look at the role they played in the failure. They are much more comfortable pointing a finger at their partner and squarely placing the blame on his or her shoulders. In all the time I have worked with couples, I have never seen a relationship fail simply because of one person’s failings or shortcomings. Both people contribute to the break up of a relationship. To me, it only makes sense to look at our own contribution to the mix. Why? We are wasting our energy trying to get our partner to change. People pretty much are who they are and they do what they do until they, themselves, are ready to change.

If you are waiting for your partner to change, how long have you already been waiting? How much longer are willing to wait? If you partner has to change for you to be satisfied, then I would suggest finding a new partner or completely accepting your partner as is.

The real empowering place to focus your energy when attempting to improve your relationship is on your own thinking and behavior. Now that is something you have control over changing! Relationships from the Inside Out helps people look at the things in their life over which they have control. In relationships, who do you think you can control?

It sure isn’t your partner! If it were, you would simply control him or her into being the person you want and then you would live happily ever after! The only person’s behavior you can control is yours. It sounds so simple and so common sense but how often, particularly in relationships, do you try to change the other person? It’s an exercise in futility.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here is just a Sample of the
Benefits You can Expect

  • You and your partner will begin to communicate again in a more positive way.

  • Intimacy will increase between you.

  • You will gain clarity on the direction you want to go in your life as it pertains to your significant relationship.

  • Relieve the stress of trying to change your partner.

  • You will discover positive things that you can do to improve your relationship all by yourself.

  • Women will get more romance; men will get more sex.

  • Begin to function as a team again— deepening the level of respect you have for each other.

One Thing I Know for Sure is that When You are Getting Along Well with the Important People in Your Life, Then the Rest of Your Life Seems to Flow More Smoothly, Too.


I’ve Learned Two Very Important Things
in My Work with Couples:

  1. Both males and females function better when they can maintain a positive relationship throughout their time together.
  2. As a conscious relationship creator, you will be better able to create the loving relationships you crave and attract the type of person who wants the same thing.


You may be thinking that everyone has problems in their relationships. Yours isn’t that bad. But is “not that bad” what you are wishing and hoping for or do you want to have a “wonderful, fantastic” relationship?

Includes our Relationships from the InsideOut Action Book containing all the worksheets to complete each chapter


InsideOut Thinking

When we are thinking of making changes in our lives, all too often we look externally. We have a perfect picture in our heads about what life should look like then we go about acting on life to give us whatever it is we think would be perfect. The only problem with this approach is that we are giving away our personal power.

Whenever we wait for certain things, people or conditions to be in place in order to be “happy,” what do we do in the meantime? I’ll be happy when my wife cooks more often or I’ll be happier if my husband were more romantic. Or I’ll be happy when my children start listening to what I say and stop sassing me every time I turn around. Or I’d be very happy at work if my boss would just recognize the contributions I make. This is when we want other people to match up to the perfect world we have created in our minds.

Then, there are those situations when we make our happiness contingent on certain things. I’ll be happy if I made more money. I can’t make more money until I finish my degree. I’ll be happy when we can have our own home. I’ll be happy if I can get a new job. I’ll be happy when my parents are healthy. Again, I ask, “What does one do in the meantime?”

While it is perfectly acceptable to hope for things to be different in your life and to strive to improve and make things better, it’s unacceptable to waste your life on negative emotions. There is a saying that you are what you think about and that what you keep in mind expands. So, if you are always focused on the negatives and the things you lack, then you will attract more negative into your.

Most human suffering is our resistance to what exists in our life. We become quite power hungry trying to change others to meet our needs. What would happen if you simply accepted everyone where they are at, without exception? What if you recognized that things are already perfect just the way they are? Could you be more content and happier with the life situations that already exist?

InsideOut Thinking teaches individuals first to attribute the problem to the correct individual and then works with the problem owner at adjusting his or her behavior. This allows the unhappy person to be in the driver’s seat with his or her own emotions. Starting from the inside out, people empower themselves by adjusting their own thoughts and behavior to manage whatever life throws at them.

In this eBook I will talk about concrete steps you can take to achieve the results you want. Finally, real answers to creating a better life, becoming happier and improving the relationships with the important people in your life. Now is the time to take action! Purchase this amazing eBook today and start living the life your deserve!

Take control of your life.

Increase your inner peace and satisfaction.

Get more of what you want out of your life.

Improve your important relationships.


Start Creating the Happy, Peaceful and Fulfilling
Life you Deserve Now!

Includes our InsideOut Thinking Action Book containing all the worksheets to complete each chapter


Empowerment Parenting

Learn a New Parenting Approach that will get You and
Your Child More of What You Really Want

Improve your relationship with your child, while maintaining your parental role and your meeting your responsibilities.
Enhance communication with your child so you ’ll know what is really going on in his or her life.
Learn to use the language that your child is most likely to hear to enhance your effectiveness.
Teach your child how to make good decisions even when you are not around.
Get the cooperation and respect you deserve from your child.
Learn techniques to prevent your biggest fears from occurring.
Disengage the innate power struggle and strategically align with your child ’s resistance to leverage your advantage

Many parents, when faced with a child going through a difficult period, will ask, “Why do I need to change? I’m not the one with the problem.” In effect, that question is all wrong! Who is it with the problem? Does the child come to the parent and say, “I really think I need some help to better control my behavior. I’m a little out of control!” I don’t know about you, but those were never words uttered in my house, although I believe they were certainly true at times.

Who’s the one with the problem? Who’s the one experiencing discomfort with the situation? I’m not asking who is “misbehaving”; I’m asking who is in the most distress over the events that exist? You are—the parent. That’s good. Now that problem ownership has been identified, the next question is fairly simple.

Whose behavior can you control? That’s right. Whose behavior are you able to change? If you were able to change your child’s behavior, you probably wouldn’t be reading this entry right now. Sure, you may be able to raise the stakes or make the punishment so severe, that your child will do what you want, but at what cost? What does it do to your relationship? Also, what do you think he or she does when you aren’t around to see? And if you are still holding fast to the belief that you can control your child’s behavior, have you ever attempted to feed a baby who didn’t want to be fed? Enough said!

Whose behavior can you control? That’s right. Yours! So, if you have a problem situation, what is the most logical thing to do? Again, you already know the answer! Decide what YOU can do differently to affect change in the situation. You can certainly keep doing what you’ve been doing but you are likely to continue to get the same results. How are they working for you so far? How much longer do you want to keep getting the results you’ve been getting? That’s the reason you need to look at changing what you are doing.

When you do, you tap into that awesome power within you. Your power source comes from focusing your energies on the things you can control—your own thoughts and behaviors. When you do that, you can achieve tremendous results but you have to give up the notion that you can force others to do things your way. Once you do, there’s no telling the effects the adjustments in your own behavior will make.

Here is Just a Sample of the Benefits You Can Expect

You and your child will begin to communicate in a more positive way.

You will receive more cooperation and respect.

You will discover positive things that you can do to improve your relationship with your child all by yourself.

You and your child will become closer as you increase communication and mutual respect.

You will be comfortable in knowing your child is making good decisions when you are not around.


Just the information…and the knowledge you need to
help you succeed as a parent

Empowerment Parenting is an exciting way to parent today's child.  More punishment, control and coercion is NOT the answer, neither is abdicating control to your children! We cannot continue to parent our children the way we did when they were younger children, or even the way our parents parented us. The world is different! Children are different! If we do not learn new innovations in parenting, our efforts will likely be ineffective at best, and actually destructive at their worst.

Once you learn the things you will need to know about yourself and your child in this e-Book, you’ll realize that it isn’t so difficult, after all, to relate to your child, still stay the parent, and keep your child safe at the same time. Being the parent of a child doesn’t have to be burdened with frustration, conflict and worry. It can be fun, creative and relatively simple!

Start Improving the Relationship You Have with your Child Now!

Includes our Empowerment Parenting Action Book containing all the worksheets
to complete each chapter


Secrets of Happy Couples

Whether you're in love and want to make it better, or are alone and want to get it right next time, relationship expert Kim Olver reveals the hidden truths behind happiness and satisfaction.

Secrets of Happy Couples is different from other books of the same subject because it is based on one basic truth—that all great relationships begin and end with yourself. Any relationship is the sum of its parts: individuals. This book explores how you, as an individual, can make the difference and create a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

No other book has surveyed couples. Olver also interviewed prominent relationship experts and included their ideas in the book. She discusses the Relationship Cycle, beginning in the Alone Stage, moving to the Getting Together Stage, on to the Compatibility Stage, to the Maintenance Stage, and then back to the Alone Stage. At least 50% of us will find ourselves alone again due to death, divorce or personal decision. Kim doesn’t shy away from that fact; instead she provides tips and strategies to successfully navigate the grief of a lost relationship.


Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life is filled with common sense that isn't common

You'll Discover:


  • Exclusive insights and suggestions gained by surveying happy couples
  • Practical advice from a range of experts synthesized into learnable lessons
  • Tips for identifying problems and what to do about them
  • A 3-step process you've never heard before for surviving affairs
  • The power of moving beyond "tolerating" differences to truly appreciating them
  • How to meet your partner's needs and your own at the same time

If you would like to learn from couples who already know how to create the relationship of their dreams, then this book is for you!

Winner of Three Awards!

2011 Living Now Book Award
2011 Independent Publisher Book Award
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

All Great Relationships Begin and End with Yourself.

This book can help everyone improve their relationships because it focuses on what YOU can do as an individual to improve yourself, your love life and sex life. This books contains seven (7) different exercises and quizzes including a Need Compatibility quiz, Rules of Engagement exercise, Steps for Recovery exercise and many more.

Believe it or not YOU can make the difference all by yourself. This book is about change and acceptance, not changing your partner but changing your behaviors to make your relationship happier and more satisfying. So if you are the one unhappy with aspects of your relationship, don't wait. Start today. You hold the key to a happy and healthy relationship.

I believe that if everyone followed the principles of Secrets of Happy Couples we would all live happier and healthier lives. We would stop spending the majority of our time and energy trying to change the important people in our lives and accepting them. This book will give you the tools you need to start improving those important relationships in your life and accept them instead.


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