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When it comes to relationships, we all have them and believe that we should simply, somehow, just KNOW how to manage them, but where did we learn from? Who taught us? What classes did we take? Where is the degree on our wall in relationships? There is none!!! No training, no classes, no diplomas—only trial and error. How is it working for you so far?

It didn’t work very well for me, the trial and error approach. I did receive a sort of training, I suppose, from my family when I was growing up.Kim Olver

In my house, there were never any disagreements. My father was king and my mother accommodated him quite well. I had two younger brothers and I guess we got along all right but I remember some serious fighting on a few occasions.

What I learned, as a female in that house, was that my needs weren’t important. To have a successful relationship, I had to serve my man above all else. This was my script but I’m sure you all had yours, as well.

Then, when I was in college, something happened to rattle that script. My parents got divorced. I sure didn’t understand that—they never even argued! I realized that the way I learned may not be right at all but I didn’t know what to do instead. There was no model for that!

I know people who have gone from one relationship to another, rehearsing their script, perfecting their script, and having the same disastrous results with their relationships. Why don’t more people seek help to learn a new script when theirs is so obviously not working?

Most people in failed relationships neglect to look at the role they played in the failure. They are much more comfortable pointing a finger at their partner and squarely placing the blame on his or her shoulders. In all the time I have worked with couples, I have never seen a relationship fail simply because of one person’s failings or shortcomings. Both people contribute to the break up of a relationship. To me, it only makes sense to look at our own contribution to the mix. Why? We are wasting our energy trying to get our partner to change. People pretty much are who they are and they do what they do until they, themselves, are ready to change.

If you are waiting for your partner to change, how long have you already been waiting? How much longer are willing to wait? If you partner has to change for you to be satisfied, then I would suggest finding a new partner or completely accepting your partner as is.

The real empowering place to focus your energy when attempting to improve your relationship is on your own thinking and behavior. Now that is something you have control over changing!
Relationships from the Inside Out helps people look at the things in their life over which they have control. In relationships, who do you think you can control?

It sure isn’t your partner! If it were, you would simply control him or her into being the person you want and then you would live happily ever after! The only person’s behavior you can control is yours. It sounds so simple and so common sense but how often, particularly in relationships, do you try to change the other person? It’s an exercise in futility.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here is just a Sample of the
Benefits You can Expect

  • You and your partner will begin to communicate again in a more positive way.

  • Intimacy will increase between you.

  • You will gain clarity on the direction you want to go in your life as it pertains to your significant relationship.

  • Relieve the stress of trying to change your partner.

  • You will discover positive things that you can do to improve your relationship all by yourself.

  • Women will get more romance; men will get more sex.

  • Begin to function as a team again— deepening the level of respect you have for each other.

Once I learned to start focusing on what I was doing or not doing in my relationships, I started to have better relationships.

The most destructive thing that exists in relationships is the urge of most of us to externally control our partners into doing things our way! In this process, we generally resort to what Dr. William Glasser calls, “The Seven Deadly Habits of Relationships.”

They are blaming, criticizing, punishing, complaining, nagging, threatening and bribing or rewarding to control. I like to add guilting in there because I know many who are very accomplished at that particular skill. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I know what a difference giving up these destructive habits in a relationship can make. It’s amazing the freedom you can experience and the connectedness that will occur between you and your partner when you stop trying to control his or her behavior.

You may be saying, the problem isn’t that you use the deadly habits—it’s your partner who uses them on you! If this is true, our Relationships from the Inside Out eBook can help you look at your own behavior to see if you are in any contributing to the problem. If you are, then you look at what changes can you make.

When one person in a relationship makes some changes, it almost always dictates change in the other person. No one can predict what that change might be but one person in a unit changing will significantly affect the others in that unit. Then, once you’ve made the changes you are willing to make, Relationships from the Inside Out will help you examine your relationship options.

One Thing I Know for Sure is that When You are Getting Along Well with the Important People in Your Life, Then the Rest of Your Life Seems to Flow More Smoothly, Too.

Five Reasons to take Action Right NOW:

1. No Risk! You have our 100%-365-day money-back guarantee!

2. Save Time! Once you learn these incredible relationship skills, you can begin to improve your relationship now! If you come to the realization that things may not get better, then you can move forward toward creating the relationship you want. Stop waiting for things to get better on their own. How long have you been waiting? How many more years are you willing to just wait?

3. Save Money! In this ebook you will learn some incredibly powerful relationship secrets that will put you back in control and ultimately improve the quality of your relationship. Marriage or couple counseling will cost hundreds of dollars a month. The cost of divorce can be staggering. This ebook is CHEAP!

4. Feel Better! Once you start implementing the ideas discussed in the ebook in your life, you will gain more control over things that previously felt out of control. All of your energy will be focused on the areas over which you have control.

5. Watch Your Relationship Grow! When you give up your external control behaviors in relationships, your relationship miraculously improves. People have reported increased intimacy, a better sex life, more positive communication and an enjoyment of the time spent together.

I’ve Learned Two Very Important Things
in My Work with Couples:

  1. Both males and females function better when they can maintain a positive relationship throughout their time together.
  2. As a conscious relationship creator, you will be better able to create the loving relationships you crave and attract the type of person who wants the same thing.


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