One-to-one coaching helps people take what they’ve learned, practice it, apply it, and act on it. It is the service that can help transform knowledge into sustainable skills and abilities on the job. Coaching is the piece that brings it all together by providing that extra support, challenge and accountability that is necessary for success. Just as you might hire a personal trainer to support and challenge you through your exercise regime, a coach can support and challenge you to be successful and achieve your personal and business goals.

The Relationship Center offers a variety of coaching options depending on your time, budget, and goals:

  • Coaching with Kim Olver
  • Coaching with one of the certified Choice Coaches through the Academy of Choice
  • Free Coaching with coaching students.

See Coaching Packages for more information

The different options offer flexibility in terms of format, budget, and time. Coaching is done during individual sessions – in person, by phone or Internet.

Regardless of the option you choose, the packages do not come with an expiration date.  If you sign up for a certain number of sessions, you can complete them at any time. Also, the coaching hours are fluid. One session may be for 30 minutes, and another for an hour; you can use the hours as you need them. Kim and the Choice Coaches are certified.

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