“I met Kim Olver at a time of crisis for my family. My eighteen year old son was spiraling into angry, self-destructive and risky behavior, and in our fear, my husband and could not agree about “what to do.” Reading William Glasser’s For Parents & Teenagers I immediately understood why our past efforts, including lectures, rules, punishments, and even requiring our son to see a therapist, had failed. Yet applying the new Choice Theory approach was not something I could consistently do from a book. Kim became my personal guide to understanding and applying Choice Theory to some stressful and even frightening situations. Kim was truly wonderful. She was very open and willing to do whatever was needed to help me feel comfortable and build trust. For example, Kim willingly drove over an hour to our home to meet the whole family and to begin our relationship on a face-to-face basis. I followed up with her over the phone and through e-mail, and was always sustained by her warm attention and genuine caring.

Although Kim’s positive, yet down-to-earth personality was a major factor in my feeling so comfortable, essential to me was her knowledge and ability to apply Choice Theory. I would bring up practical problems, and she could frame them in ways that I could see several potential choices and their implications. Sometimes I would be flooded by emotion—usually fear or anger—and Kim would remind me what choices I was making by feeling emotionally engulfed. Perhaps most useful was Kim’s ability to help me re-phrase the words I wanted to say to my family, to avoid critical, nagging and controlling statements. She really knows the language of Choice Theory, and can suggest applications for any situation. Yet I never felt that Kim held herself in any position of authority. She shared parts of her own story and struggles as a parent, which helped me to bond with her and learn from her example.

My goal was to help my son by building a more positive relationship, when initially there was almost nothing positive going on. Kim provided me a piece of ground to stand on (Choice Theory), and with her help I was able to expand that base and to change my behavior. That meant deciding what I really did or did not want to do in regard to each of my son’s issues. This process took much pressure off me and the relationship, which has improved considerably. I credit the year I invested with Kim as my coach, in which I learned a new language, behavior and way of life that has truly made a difference. I cannot recommend Kim highly enough, and I encourage anyone who thinks they are out to choices to begin working with Kim through her Coaching for Excellence program.”

–Gail G. Chicago, IL

“My mother was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors gave her six months, however, she lived three years. I found it difficult to think of her dying. I was the caregiver and was experiencing burnout—I was exhausted, irritable, cynical, depressed, confused and felt I was indispensable. I attended Reality Therapy training and was introduced to Choice Theory. During that week, Kim created an environment conducive to learning and practicing. She was also able to engage the entire group in participation. After learning Choice Theory, the thought of my mother’s death was comforting. I was able to accept the inevitable. Choice Theory gave me the resources and direction to put my life back together. After my mother died, I was able to focus on the happy times we shared. Her smile is with me and always will be.”

—Serena Holt, Pittsburgh, PA

“Relationships are difficult and in those tough times , Kim’s insight and wisdom have helped me to become the parent, husband, and friend that I want to be. It is a blessing to have someone that provides you the balance you need to evolve. I now realize that it’s not about being who “they” want you to be but being the best YOU that you can be…Thanks Kim!”

— Sylvester Baugh, Chicago Heights, Illinois

“I would like to express my gratitude and share my coaching experience with others. I have worked with Kim for many years. She, due to her expertise in reality therapy, has been very beneficial to me. She is nonjudgmental and her background allows for you to make your own choices and you learn to be responsible for that choice. I have also worked with Kim on a professional basis. She has provided trainings for my organization in Reality therapy and cultural competence. She was well received and my organization hopes to have her back again. I recommend Kim for relationship coaching as I have benefited tremendously.”

—Tammy Anderline, Tri-County Human Services, Carbondale, PA

“Kim has helped me tremendously with my adolescent daughter who continually pushes my buttons! She has helped me to better understand my daughter and the reasons why she does what she does. Kim is always able to help me focus in on the real problem and provide me with the best possible solutions. I don’t know what I would do without Kim!”

–Denise Daub, Pennsylvania

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