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What Makes Happy Couples Happy?

Love: Empowered by Choice

What's in between is determined by the ability of each individual to bring your fullest self to love while embracing the same gift from your partner.Making that happen is at the heart of Secrets of Happy Couples.Whether you're in love and want to make it better, or are alone and want to get it right next time, relationship expert Kim Olver reveals the hidden truths behind happiness and satisfaction.

You'll discover:

• Exclusive insights and suggestions gained by surveying happy couples
• Practical advice from a range of experts synthesized into learnable lessons
• Tips for identifying problems and what to do about them
• A 3-step process you've never heard before for surviving affairs
• The power of moving beyond "tolerating" differences to truly appreciating them
• How to meet your partner's needs and your own at the same time

Secrets of Happy Couples is different from other books of the same subject because it is based on one basic truth—that all great relationships begin and end with yourself.  Any relationship is the sum of its parts: individuals.  This book explores how you, as an individual, can make the difference and create a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

No other book has surveyed couples. Olver also interviewed prominent relationship experts and included their ideas in the book.  She discusses the Relationship Cycle, beginning in the Alone Stage, moving to the Getting Together Stage, on to the Compatibility Stage, to the Maintenance Stage, and then back to the Alone Stage. At least 50% of us will find ourselves alone again due to death, divorce or personal decision. Olver doesn’t shy away from that fact; instead she provides tips and strategies to successfully navigate the grief of a lost relationship.

This book can help everyone improve their relationships because it focuses on what YOU can do as an individual to improve yourself, your love life and sex life.  This books contains seven (7) different exercises and quizzes including a Need Compatibility quiz, Rules of Engagement exercise, Steps for Recovery exercise and many more.  

If you would like to learn from couples who already know how to create the relationship of their dreams, then this book is for you.


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