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The Relationship Center is where you can get help with the important personal and work relationships in your life. When your relationships are functioning in supportive, encouraging, and peaceful ways, then the rest of your life seems effortless. What most people don’t understand is that it doesn’t necessarily take two to improve a relationship. What, you say! That’s right . . .

If you are unhappy in your relationship, you can change it by either changing what you want, changing what you are doing or changing your perception about the situation. People tend to create their own misery by dictating what the people in their lives need to do so they can be happy. When I stop counting on someone else to “fix” my problem and recognize that is my responsibility, then I am empowered to create my own happiness.

Whether it’s your personal relationships, your work relationships, or most importantly, your relationship with yourself, The Relationship Center can help. We have online products to cover a myriad of relationship issues–a blog, free assessments, a newsletter, teleconferences, webinars, tip sheets, eCourses and more. And if you prefer a more personal approach, we also provide group or individual coaching, workshops or speakers for your events.

The Relationship Center will help you take control of your life by helping you focus on those things you can change rather than creating misery spending time and energy trying to change everything else. As a result, you will be much happier, less stressed, more effective.

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